Hi there, welcome to my site.

I'm Marcos (he/him), a 36 year-old man that lives and works in Porto, Portugal. I'm a web developer working with Python/Django and have been around the block for more than 10 years developing websites and web applications for more than a hundred national and international companies. Learn more about my professional experience in my CV.

This is a simple website made in Django and Django CMS, served by nginx and hosted in my own personal VPS. It uses SQLite as a database.

Other places you'll find me in

You'll notice I don't have any social media. I deleted my Facebook presence to avoid being a product and a tool for faceless corporations and my LinkedIn is only available because I can't escape if I want to get job updates, but will do so in the future. I'm investigating ways I can have my own self-hosted social instance using ActivityPub (same protocol as Mastodon) and GoToSocial. Doesn't seem possible right now because my cheap VPS doesn't have enough RAM to support a lightweight social network, unless it's honk but it's not as stable and user-friendly.

I hope you have a good day!